„Tradition is not about preserving ashes, but about passing on fire“.

At Goebel it also means the highest standards of quality. Since the founding of the company, special emphasis has always been given to artistic expression, quality and the finest craftsmanship.

At Goebel you experience how, in close cooperation with renowned artists and designers, objects of porcelain, glass and similar materials become something very special. This is what the founders envisioned, and this is what quickly made Goebel an international success story. Dreams became reality.


Hands make Goebel

Since the beginning the „white gold“ is more than only a mixture of kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Until nowadays it kept its value. It is a fragile and brittle, precious, usable and decorative collector’s piece and an investment of value.

“Hands” make Goebel. We remain true to this philosophy today. We create masterpieces… one at a time. Our pieces are created as contemporary designs or by using historical motifs that are adapted to a modern sensibility.

Handicraft meets art and turns every piece into an unmistakable unique piece.


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